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Main games supported

  • LOL accelerator

  • Sword net accelerator
    Swordsman sentiment integrates the elements of Chinese traditional culture into the game, showing the players a magnificent and magnificent world of Tang Dynasty. Jianwang agent helps you to roam the world of traditional martial arts.

  • Legendary accelerator
    Hot blood legend is one of the most classic, longevity and attractive large-scale online PK games with infinite charm. Legendary agent can make the server respond to your keys faster and improve PK efficiency.

  • DNF accelerator
    Dungeons and warriors is a 2D scroll horizontal version of online fighting game, which inherits the characteristics of many 2D fighting games of home computers and arcades. DNF agent can help you play more fluent combo.

  • CF accelerator
    Crossing the fire line is the most famous online game of the first person shooting game. Players play the role of controlling a gunman and fighting with other players. CF agent can help you shoot faster.

  • Miracle accelerator
    Miracle Mu is a classic 3D online game, with gorgeous game screen and rich content, which can support tens of thousands of people online at the same time. Miracle agent can help the game to respond to the key faster, take you better PK.
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